Job description

We are excited to announce an opening for a skilled and dedicated Periodontist to join our thriving dental practice. As a Periodontist, you will be responsible for diagnosing and treating periodontal diseases, providing specialized care for patients with gum and bone-related issues. Your expertise will play a crucial role in maintaining our patients' oral health and preserving their natural teeth. We are looking for a compassionate and highly skilled professional who is committed to delivering exceptional patient care and improving oral health outcomes.

Job responsibilities

  • Perform comprehensive periodontal examinations and assessments.
  • Diagnose and treat periodontal diseases, gingivitis, and gum-related issues.
  • Develop personalized treatment plans for patients with various periodontal conditions.
  • Administer non-surgical and surgical periodontal procedures, including scaling and root planing, gum surgeries, and dental implants.
  • Collaborate with general dentists and other specialists for interdisciplinary patient care.
  • Regularly monitor patient progress and adjust treatment plans as necessary.
  • Provide patient education on periodontal health and proper oral hygiene practices.
  • Conduct periodontal maintenance and follow-up visits for post-treatment care.
  • Utilize the latest technologies and techniques to deliver optimal periodontal care.


  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from an accredited dental school.
  • Completion of an accredited periodontal residency program.
  • Valid state dental license with specialization in Periodontics.
  • Board certification from the American Board of Periodontology (preferred but not mandatory).
  • X-ray certification (if required in the state of practice).
  • Proven expertise in diagnosing and treating various periodontal conditions.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Proficiency in using dental software for record-keeping and treatment planning.
  • Commitment to delivering top-quality patient care and excellent customer service.

Other benefits

  • Health, dental, and vision plans, tuition assistance for our employees and their families, paid time off, flexible spending accounts.
  • 2:1 retirement plan contributions, child care centers, and up to $50,000 housing subsidy

Full Time

09:00 am - 06:00 pm


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