Dental Assistant

Dental Assistants

Enedina Sanchez stands at the forefront of our dedicated dental team, exemplifying the expertise, commitment, and heartfelt dedication that are the cornerstones of our practice.

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Dental Assistants

Dental Assistant


Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 - 5:00

At Bliss Dental in St. Charles, IL, we're proud to introduce Enedina Sanchez, a key member of our dedicated team. Enedina plays an integral role as a Dental Assistant, where she is committed to providing exceptional patient care and support.

In line with the ethos of Bliss Dental, Enedina contributes to our judgment-free and welcoming environment. Her efforts are pivotal in helping our patients confidently navigate their dental care journey. At Bliss Dental, we are known for our comprehensive approach to care, offering a wide range of dental services to address all oral health needs. This is made possible by the expertise and dedication of professionals like Enedina.

Her involvement at Bliss Dental is more than just a role; it's a commitment to uphold the strictest care standards using cutting-edge technology. Enedina's focus on both dental and general health ensures that every patient receives the best possible care during their visit.

We are thrilled to have Enedina Sanchez as a part of our team, where her skills and compassion play a crucial role in maintaining the high standards of care at Bliss Dental.

Chicago Career College

Dental Assistants have been enhancing smiles and patient experiences as a Dental Assistant at Smiles Forever in Bartlett, IL. Her training and expertise encompass a broad range of dental procedures. She is proficient in sterilizing instruments, setting up trays for various dental procedures including fillings, exams/cleanings, crowns, and extractions. Enedina excels in chairside assistance, demonstrating finesse in polishing and placing sealants, as well as taking X-rays. Her commitment to patient care and her comprehensive skill set make her a valuable asset to the Bliss Dental team.